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Have YOU had a GUTFUL yet?

Are YOU hurting enough to do something about it?

For most Queenslanders the answers to these two simple questions are a resounding… 'YES'!

Concerned Queenslanders have formed the Rural Action Movement (Queensland) in an effort to provide much sought after information and assistance not currently being provided by either Government agencies or industry bodies.

This concept follows the highly successful Rural Action Movement of WA Inc that has had a huge impact on rural Western Australia. Their success stories, and assistance given to WA farming families over the past 15 years, are endless. Their role in securing invaluable information on the establishment of an Australian owned and operated ‘Rural Bank’, must be considered an obvious step that must be achieved.

It is anticipated that similar Rural Action Movements will be formed in ALL States of Australia within the next 3 years. This will give some enormous clout to our rural sector that is currently being neglected by politicians of all persuasions.

Regardless of your geographical location, whether you are a small business owner-operator, a farmer, part of our disappearing workforce, from the country or the coast, it is the solitary objective of the Rural Action Movement (Queensland) to form a united, independent political lobby group, to represent regional and rural Queenslanders.

RAM is rallying support from across Queensland in a determined effort to remove any politician, regardless of political persuasion, who does not have the interests of rural, regional and urban Queenslanders as their first priority.

There must be…  

NO more deregulation

NO more forced closures of Queensland small, medium or large businesses

NO more corporatisation or privatisation of Queensland’s public assets, and

NO more treating Queenslanders with contempt by our elected representatives

It is absolutely essential that we ensure that our Queensland farming families are provided with whatever protection is necessary, to ensure the viability of Queensland's primary and secondary producers. 

If deregulation is considered so good for the Nation, then why doesn’t the Federal government deregulate the media industry?  Could it be that our ‘media moguls’ would not like it and cease their reported contribution of millions of dollars in cash or in-kind funding to the major political party campaigns? 


We MUST unite as one consolidated group of Queenslanders, and elect Parliamentary Representatives who understand the plight of their fellow Queenslanders. 


The Rural Action Movement (Queensland) is supported by a growing army of alarmed Queenslanders, small business owners, a cross section of farmers that include: broad-acre farmers, sugarcane growers, cattle producers, fruit and vegetable growers, irrigators and a rural newspaper owner to name a few. 


Should you require any further information, please contact me on… 0418 243 652



Selwyn Johnston 


Help regain Australia’s National Sovereignty and

Economic Independence


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870