The Rural Action Movement (Queensland) is committed to bringing about: 

The removal of World Parity Pricing so as to ensure that the costs of fuels are reflective of 
Australian costs of production and, with equal fuel prices Australia wide.

The establishment of a Development Bank with low interest rates for rural, regional and urban customers.

Repeal the International Tax (Agreement) Act 1953, which will then ensure that multinational corporations pay tax at the same rate as Australian residents and Australian companies.

Rescind the National Competition Policy that has imposed a devastating effect on Australians by the de-regulation of industries.

Real Taxation Reform, by investigating alternative forms of Taxation Systems including a 
Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).

The reversal of the centralisation policies of past Governments

Realistic tax incentives to stimulate business to relocate part of their operations to rural locations

Periods of tax exemptions for businesses relocating to rural locations thus increasing rural 

The implementation of prices that reflect the real cost of production

The implementation of cost reduction of farm supplies

The Rural Action Movement (Queensland) is determined to achieve: 

The formation of a Development Bank that will provide long-term venture capital for small businesses, primary and secondary producers at low interest rates

Implementation of a National infrastructure program to include:

A National Water Grid by harnessing the fresh water resources in Northern Australia

Rural access to improved road funding

Implementation of anti-trusts to contain the domination of the retail trade by the major chain 

Restoration of an orderly market support scheme to give farmers guaranteed access to domestic markets

Full financial support for industries affected by Government policy

Small business owner/operators, farmers, growers and ordinary Australians are already suffering as a result of…

The draconian Water Act 2000
The contemptible Vegetation Management Act 1999
Depressed Farm Prices
Deliberate de-population of rural areas by Government policy
World Parity Oil Pricing
Centralisation of Government Services
Native Title
Lack of a Development Bank
Cheap Imports/Tariff Removals
AQIS decisions allowing imports that put our environment and markets at risk
High Farm Costs including Fuel
De-regulation of Dairy, Egg,  Fruit & Vegetables, Tobacco and Sugar Industries and the removal of Tariffs

It is the responsibility of ALL Australians, regardless of political persuasion, religious belief or geographical location, to take control of the influences that affect their everyday lives. 

There must be...

NO more deregulation

NO more forced closures of Queensland small, medium or large businesses; 

NO more corporatisation or privatisation of Queensland’s public assets, and 

NO more treating Queenslanders with contempt. 

It is absolutely essential that our Queensland farming families are provided with whatever protection is necessary, to ensure the viability of Queensland's rural economy and the sustainability of Queensland's primary and secondary producers. 

Concerned Queenslanders formed the Rural Action Movement (Queensland) in an effort to provide much sought after information and assistance not currently being provided, and to UNITE under one vigorous group, regardless of geographical location, whether primary or secondary industry, small business owner-operator, employer, employee or just ‘had a gutful’.

The Rural Action Movement (Queensland) is a registered non-profit, non political party aligned, primary producer support group, which has no affiliation or association with any self-interest minority groups, and, whose solitary objective is to coordinate a united, independent political lobby group, to represent Queenslanders.




Help regain Australia’s National Sovereignty and

Economic Independence


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870