The Rural Action Movement (Queensland) upholds every Australian’s right to create and provide... without this right being controlled by outside vested interests. 


Reinstate ‘Sovereign Credit’ as per the original charter of the Commonwealth Bank of 1912 so as 
the Federal Government can issue the necessary low cost credit for industry, housing and, where required, debt free credit for public works

Total re-regulation of the private banking sectors, so as the Federal Government controls the 
issue of ‘Credit’ for the benefit of all Australians

Protect and revitalise Australia’s Industry by halting tariff reductions and where necessary 
reinstate prudently

Implement a moratorium on domestic and foreign bank debts

An immediate halt to the sale of all Australian owned public utilities and assets, and 
introduce policies to rescind foreign ownership of all such entities already privatised and 
restore rightful ownership to the control of the Australian people

Restore public services such as health, education, energy and water supplies so as no Australian is disadvantaged

Guaranteed minimum income and guaranteed minimum price scheme to ensure a safety net for 
all Australians

Create co-operative marketing and distribution agencies, with parity pricing for primary produce
... under the control of the producers

Immediately review of all international covenants and treaties signed and ratified by non-elected bureaucrats or politicians, without approval of Australian Parliaments

Seek and co-operate with like-minded organisations and individuals

These aims will be reviewed and updated regularly with prudent amendments and additions being considered.




Help regain Australia’s National Sovereignty and

Economic Independence


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870