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Thank you for visiting my on-line office.

I appreciate your interest in the issues that effect not only Queenslanders, but all Australians.

Please let me hear from you about your views on the issues that matter to your Family, your Community and your State.


Selwyn Johnston



One person, with the support of the community, can make a difference





The Australian Constitution must be strictly adhered to by all three level of Government and by all elected representatives... without exception.

The values and aspirations of Queenslanders must be the first and foremost consideration by our elected representatives, with legislation and management of Australia reflecting those beliefs.

Queenslanders deserve a competent and efficient public service. We are encumbered with administrative decisions that, while approved by Governments, are the product of senior or junior bureaucrats, and which are in a majority of instances, not in the best interests of Queenslanders.

Our Nation's assets must be managed in the best interests of Australia, and in matters of trade and commerce, priority of opportunity and potential must be given first, and foremost, to Australian owned and operated businesses.

A significant strategy must be implemented to ensure creation of job opportunities for our present workforce, and for generations of Australians to come.

There must be an immediate stop to the wanton fire sale of taxpayer-owned and income earning assets, which are currently being sold, mostly to international conglomerates.

Australia must revert to being an Independent Sovereign Nation, both economically and culturally.

An immediate assessment of International Treaties must be undertaken where Australia is a signatory, particularly with the issues of: health, education, law enforcement, taxation, employment, primary and secondary industries, rural interests, banking and life style.

It must be clearly established that the Parliaments of Australia are the superior law making authorities, with the judiciary being limited to law interpretation and not to unilateral policy implementation.

Governments must be accountable, not only for current expenditure but also for capital expenditure on infrastructure.

Widespread public consultation on the issue of Citizens Imitated Referenda (CIR) must be a high priority.

For Australia to successfully survive globalisation and economic rationalism well into the 21st century, these issues of paramount importance to all Australians must be adequately addressed.



Selwyn Johnston





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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870