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Without a high level of SECURITY in our every day lives, our elected representatives are not acting in the best interests of those who elected them... the Australian people.

Minimum levels of SECURITY must include:

  1. SECURITY… for Australian Families

PROVIDE a 'Health' system that is fair and equitable for all

DELIVER an 'Education' system which benefits all children

IMPROVE the practicality and significance of our 'Education' systems 

PROVIDE 'Law and Order' that is efficient and fully resourced

SIGNIFICANTLY increase 'Child Support' payments to Australian parents

SUPPORT strategies that strengthen and protect our 'Traditional Family Values'


  1. SECURITY… for Australia's Rural Economy

REBUILD a vibrant and viable 'Rural Economy'

GUARANTEE primary producers a FAIR 'Market Share' for their produce

PROVIDE 'Tariff Protection' to ensure market sustainability

GUARANTEED 'Property Rights' to include Vegetation and Water rights

DELIVER low interest 'Loans' to primary producers

PROMOTE 'Strategies' that recognise the interdependence of city and country regions


  1. SECURITY… for Australia's Manufacturing Industries

TARGET government support for industry to diversify, innovate, perform, and expand

RECOGNISE that small businesses are not only essential, but also the backbone of Australia's economy


DELIVER low interest 'Loans' to Australian industries and small businesses

REDUCE Australia's foreign debt with infrastructure and a financial environment conducive with value adding

PROMOTE 'Buy Australian' products to create Australian jobs


  1. SECURITY… to ensure Australia retains total Independence

DEFEND OUR 'Sovereignty'… National, Constitutional, and Personal

PROTECT OUR 'Australian Flag' 

RETURN 'foreign' ownership and investment to acceptable levels

RESTRICT 'Immigration' to take into account social cohesion, employment opportunities, 
and environmental issues

ABANDON those United Nations 'Treaties' that interfere with our National or Individual sovereignty

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The above deals with the REAL security issues for the people of Australia.

However, since 9-11 (September 11, 2001) and the destruction of the twin towers of the Trade Centre in New York, 'SECURITY' has taken on a whole new meaning.

While the new meaning is important, it should not be allowed to overtake what security has always meant to us. We have to deal with the new security issues responsibly and realistically, and in the context of what is still the recognised Australian way of life.


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870