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The Issue

Gun Laws

Judiciary Powers

Justice in Sentencing

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Australia's Law and Order concerns were said, by Canberra's politicians, to have been addressed by the 'Gun Laws' introduced in 1996. 

What rubbish! 

Crimes involving guns have increased since 1996, which some criminologists having gone on record to state is a direct result of 'criminals' not handing in their guns!

Australia's Law Enforcement Agencies are not to blame as they are under-manned, under-funded and constantly frustrated by the meagre sentences handed down by the Judiciary to lawbreakers.

But it is not the fault of the Judiciary! 

Parliaments makes LAWS… the Judiciary simply carries out those laws! Sentencing laws are long overdue for total revision, with harsh prescribed sentencing for serious, and repeat, lawbreakers a priority.

Crimes against our children or senior citizens MUST not be tolerated at any degree!


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Gun Laws

Every Australian was horrified of the events that took place at Port Arthur Tasmania on April 28th 1996. Every Australian mourned with the families and friends of those innocent men, women and children.

The Government, with full support of the opposition and minor parties, reacted swiftly and unparalleled with the introduction of tough new gun laws.

The decision to implement the current Gun Legislation was based, not on community consultation, but, upon the alleged actions of a mentally deficient psychotic with an IQ in the low sixties. To legislate around the horrendous conduct of the alleged psychotic perpetrator shows the manifest weakness of the government's response.

Australians, not so much angered by the national licensing and registration of weapons, but legislation aimed at firearm removal from law abiding citizens, will illustrate to the political parties at future Federal and State elections - that they have lost touch with the people.

I am sure that we can all feel safe and secure in knowing that sadistic killers, drug traffickers and other criminals have handed in their illegal weapons.

Conclusion - The current Gun Legislation will, unfortunately, effect decent, honest, hard working Australians whose only brush with the authorities will occur as a result of their no-compliance with a firearm legislation seemingly designed for the disarmament of the Australian People.


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Judiciary Powers

The Role of the High Court

The High Court is the highest Court in the Australian judicial system. It was established in 1901 by Section 71 of the Constitution. The functions of the High Court are to:

Interpret and uphold the Constitution
Interpret Federal law
Hear cases referred to it from other Courts

As defined in the Operation of the Court, 'The High Court of Australia is able to deal with cases which come to it on appeal or which begin in the High Court itself.'

'Cases which involve interpretation of the Constitution, or where the Court may be invited to depart from one of its previous decisions, or where the Court considers the principle of law involved to be one of major public importance, are normally determined by a full bench comprising all seven Justices if they are able to sit.'

Decisions made, 'which involve interpretation of the Constitution' or are, 'one of major public importance' can NOT be translated by the Government as being a mechanism to alter the Constitution without prior reference to and compliance with Section 128 of the Constitution.

An example of where a High Court decision has been unconstitutionally applied, without reference to Section 128, is the controversial Native Title Act 1993

For further information on Native Title, see Current Issues.


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Justice in Sentencing

Every Australian, mother and father, son and daughter, close relative or family friend, who has endured,

a senseless tragic loss of human life by ruthless killers

unspeakable crimes against their children

the violent and brutal rape of their young or elderly, women or men

the callous, agonising and misery of slow death caused by mindless drug traffickers

would agree that existing laws MUST be changed to allow sentencing Judges to apply severe, harsh and unmerciful punishment on the perpetrators.

'Let the punishment fit the crime'!

For these inhumane acts of savagery by homicidal maniacs, there MUST be a mandatory minimum of:

'25 Years to Life' in prison - WITHOUT parole



It was said in the lead-up to the Death Penalty Abolition Act 1973 that capital punishment was not a deterrent to criminals, including those who committed horrendous acts as described above.


There has never been a criminal, arrested, trialed, convicted, sentenced to the death penalty, who, after the death penalty has been carried out, ever had the opportunity to re-offend.


try to ask one who has experienced it!

The civil libertarians, do-gooders and "others" professing 'Thou shall not kill', but who conveniently overlook 'An eye for an eye', will undoubtedly oppose such a move, but, what if it were one of their own family?




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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870