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Employment Strategies

Selwyn Johnston - Profile

Section 128 of the Constitution

Tipperary Station


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Tipperary Station

Australia's Northern Territory

Australia's tenth largest land holding - 1.9 million hectares

Tipperary owns eight properties in the Northern Territory. The company began as a joint venture between an Australian property developer and Bakrie Brothers of Indonesia. Bakrie bought out the Australian property developer in 1994. The company now runs some 65,000 Brahman cattle.

How does the Indonesian owned Tipperary Station effect our meat industry exports to Indonesia?

There is a growing cattle fattening industry in Lampung, with the joint venture company, PT Tipperary Indonesia, running fattening yards in central Lampung. This is a joint venture between the Bakrie conglomerate and the owners of Tipperary Station in the Northern Territory. Cattle for fattening are shipped to Lampung from the Northern Territory.

Profile of Tipperary Station owner

The principal of the Bakrie conglomerates, Aburizal Bakrie, was born in Lampung, and is of Chinese/Indonesian background.

Aside from his considerable business interests, Aburizal Bakrie is very prominent in Indonesian business and politics, is the head of the national Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin). He is also an adviser to the Indonesia-Australia Business Council in Jakarta, and has had long-term business links with some Australian firms.

The tenth largest tract of land in Australia measuring nearly 2 million hectares - 13,467 square kilometres - including some of the only cleared land in the Northern Territory, supposedly for livestock, is owned solely by wealthy Indonesians, and is largely free of native title claims.

There are vast tracts of Northern Territory land, currently available for a pittance, and with no restrictions on foreign ownership up to 100%.

The STRATEGICALLY placed Tipperary Station, the nearest Northern Territory land facing Jakarta, possessing a huge, internationally rated all-weather airstrip, sea and river frontage, was utilised by the Japanese in WW2 who established a forward camp on the banks of the Daly River.

While Australia's Foreign Aid provides the equivalent of $100 for every Australian man, woman and child into supporting Suharto's Indonesian regime - $1.7 billion - the Indonesian elite is buying or has bought large tracts of land in the Northern Territory.

The Australian government MUST as a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY, implement immediate procedures to restrict foreign ownership of Australia's land mass and convert current ownership to 10 - 15 year pastoral leases, with their complying to the same regulations as Australian farmers and graziers.

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WEBMASTER'S NOTE: Tipperary Station has since (2003) been sold to Australia's richest QC, Allan Myers for a reported $50 million


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Section 128 of the Constitution

Bills to alter the Constitution, having been passed by Parliament, must be approved by referendum in a majority of States and by a majority of all electors voting.

Chapter VIII—Alteration of the Constitution 

128 Mode of altering the Constitution 

This Constitution shall not be altered except in the following manner: 

The proposed law for the alteration thereof must be passed by an absolute majority of each House of the Parliament, and not less than two nor more than six months after its passage through both Houses the proposed law shall be submitted in each State and Territory to the electors qualified to vote for the election of members of the House of Representatives. 

But if either House passes any such proposed law by an absolute majority, and the other House rejects or fails to pass it, or passes it with any amendment to which the first-mentioned House will not agree, and if after an interval of three months the first-mentioned House in the same or the next session again passes the proposed law by an absolute majority with or without any amendment which has been made or agreed to by the other House, and such other House rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with any amendment to which the first-mentioned House will not agree, the Governor-General may submit the proposed law as last proposed by the first-mentioned House, and either with or without any amendments subsequently agreed to by both Houses, to the electors in each State and Territory qualified to vote for the election of the House of Representatives. 

When a proposed law is submitted to the electors the vote shall be taken in such manner as the Parliament prescribes. But until the qualification of electors of members of the House of Representatives becomes uniform throughout the Commonwealth, only one-half the electors voting for and against the proposed law shall be counted in any State in which adult suffrage prevails. 

And if in a majority of the States a majority of the electors voting approve the proposed law, and if a majority of all the electors voting also approve the proposed law, it shall be presented to the Governor-General for the Queen’s assent. 

No alteration diminishing the proportionate representation of any State in either House of the Parliament, or the minimum number of representatives of a State in the House of Representatives, or increasing, diminishing, or otherwise altering the limits of the State, or in any manner affecting the provisions of the Constitution in relation thereto, shall become law unless the majority of the electors voting in that State approve the proposed law. 

In this section, Territory means any territory referred to in section one hundred and twenty-two of this Constitution in respect of which there is in force a law allowing its representation in the House of Representatives.


                  Australia's Constitution


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Employment Strategies

The government must understand the fundamental factor of reversing unemployment, is "JOB CREATION". As I have stated previously,

Quote, "The major underlying factor that urgently needs attention is obviously UNEMPLOYMENT. In Queensland, one project alone has the potential to create over 90,000 permanent jobs, stimulate local shire economies, and give a massive boost to small and large businesses. This project will cost hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars, but is totally returnable, with enormous monetary gains to the public purse.

I refer to a National Water Grid (Bradfield Scheme), the proposed diversion of the upper Tully, Herbert and the Burdekin Rivers on to the inland plains of North and Central Queensland.

This project requires liaison between all three tiers of governments to bring about the answer to Australia's future - WATER.

The Australian banking sector, all multi-nationals, take great pleasure in announcing their $3,000 million plus - annual profits, at the Australian taxpayers expense I hasten to add. If only 50% of the combined banking sector's annual profits were applied for re-investment in Australia - the Revised Bradfield Scheme and Australia's primary and secondary industries - unemployment would be a thing of the past and the National Debt eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level.

Why doesn't the Australian government introduce legislation to ensure that Australia's wealth... remains in Australia?

Should our representatives in Canberra apply the same vigour in attacking unemployment as they do in making international fools of themselves on Asian television stations, some of them just may learn of the unemployment plight in rural, regional and urban communities.

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Buy Australian

All three tiers of governments should be the leaders in reducing Australia's unemployment, by simply enabling policies that require all government purchasing departments to BUY AUSTRALIAN goods and services thus creating huge opportunities for Federal and State governments assisting in the development of new and existing Australian industries.

It is essential for Australia's prosperity, economic growth and for the welfare of future generations of Australians, that the Federal government initiate immediate action to re-establish AUSTRALIAN OWNED primary, manufacturing and mining industries.

The government MUST stop wasting taxpayers money on summits, conferences, think tanks etc. and LISTEN to the Australian people and implement sound strategies that will reinstall faith in Australia as the Lucky Country.

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Personal Profile


JOHNSTON, Selwyn Noel Leslie


Sailfish Close, Kanimbla (FNQ)


WEST END Brisbane... QLD


Married (1969)


Computer Systems Analyst and Administrator

Editor of 'The Countryman' Newspaper


A 6th generation Australian, a fourth generation Queenslander and a direct descendant of John Nichols, who arrived at Sydney Cove as part of the First Fleet, on board the HMS Scarborough on 26 January 1788.


Australian Politics

International Politics

Computer Research

Health and Fitness


Rugby League


Advanced Certificate - Applied Business Computing

Associate Diploma of Information Technology

Diploma of Information Technology



Australia Day - Queensland Organising Committee

Australian National Flag Association of of Queensland - Life Member

Cairns Residents Reference Group (Rates) - Foundation Member

Drug and Alcohol Free in Youth Campaign

Justice of the Peace (Qualified) State of Queensland

Parliamentary Reform Group (Queensland)

Queensland Day - Organising Committee

Queensland Independent Forum - Convenor

Queensland 'NO REPUBLIC' Campaign - State Convenor

Rally Queensland - Coordinator 

Rural Action Movement of Queensland - State Convenor


Banking Industry - 7 Years

Airline Industry - 10 Years

Tourism and Hospitality - 5 years

Small Business Owner - 20 years

Selwyn Johnston is a sixth generation Australian and a fourth generation Queenslander, who was born in West End, an inner suburb of Brisbane. He resided with his parents and two brothers at Holland Park, a southern suburb of Brisbane and was educated at Greenslopes State School. 

After leaving school, he spent the first six years of full time employment with the then Bank of New South Wales, now Westpac. 

 He joined Qantas Airways in 1966 where he was trained in the Qantas IBM ‘Qantam’ computer system.  

The following eight years saw Selwyn’s involvement in the Airline Industry include a posting to New Delhi, India where he achieved the unenviable position of becoming the first Australian to obtain first-hand experience in an international aircraft disaster. 

Selwyn entered the private sector of the travel industry for two years in 1974 before changing direction into the hospitality/tourism industry in Cairns, Far North Queensland. 

In 1980, he purchased a small business, which, over the ensuing 10 years, he developed into a group of companies that included; an interstate transport company; a rural contracting company, which specialised in pest and noxious weed control and rural property maintenance. 

With the Information Technology explosion in the early 1990’s, and with his prior computer training, he studied and achieved the following accreditations: 

Associate Diploma of Information Technology

Diploma of Information Technology

Advanced Certificate - Applied Business Computing

Certificate in Small Business Management 

As a qualified Computer Systems Analyst and Administrator, Selwyn regularly assists those still coming to terms with new ‘information technology’ generation.  

His popular WebSite has won the International VoteNet ‘Most Outstanding Political Website Award’, and is highly regarded as a political resource. 

Selwyn has been married to Susan for 35 years and they reside in Cairns with their two adult sons, Damion and Aaron. 

He is a respected member of the Community, a small businessman, a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) and a dedicated family man.

Selwyn is also the owner/editor of ‘The Countryman’, an Independent Queensland on-line newspaper.


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