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Australia is a signatory to a large number of international agreements and treaties, many under the auspices of the United Nations. 

According to DFAT, a treaty is "an agreement between States (countries) which is binding at international law. In some cases international organisations can be parties to treaties. A treaty may also be called a ‘treaty’, ‘convention’, ‘protocol’, ‘covenant’ or ‘exchange of letters’. An agreement between an Australian State or Territory and a foreign Government will not, therefore, be a treaty. Even if a document is agreed between two or more sovereign countries, it will not be a treaty unless those countries intend the document to be binding at international law."  

Treaties can be: 

Bilateral - between Australia and one other country (eg. Timor Sea Treaty with East Timor)  

Multilateral - between three or more countries (eg. the United Nations charter)

Australia and International Treaty Making - information from DFAT 


Database of Australian Bilateral and Multilateral Treaties


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