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Australia's Single Mums        



Australia's Single Mums  

Responses from Single Mums

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Australia's Single Mums

The controversy over Australia's Single Mums being fuelled by a political party leader, best described as an attention seeking media megalomaniac, is an attack on all Australian women.

'For every single mum, there is a single (or married) dad.'

For anyone to say that the Australian single mum is a drain on the Australian economy is simply not in touch with his or her faculties. The single mum faces daily, one continual fight for the survival of her child or children at enormous cost to herself. The emotional trauma and exhaustion suffered by the single mum has been described as horrific.

Yes, it can be said that there are some who have had children for the wrong reasons, but the majority must not be condemned for the actions of a few.

It must be remembered that there are tens of thousands of single mums involved in loving, tender and stable relationships with supportive partners, as a matter of choice. These relationships are built on all the foundations of our society, except marriage.

Why should one group of 'Aussie Mums' be treated any different to another because of a broken relationship?

Every woman who enters into a relationship with a man knows perfectly well the implications of unprotected sex, but so does the man.

When the 'possibility' becomes a 'reality', it is inevitable that the expectant mum is usually the only one around to take the responsibility.

So who is to blame? History tells us, the male, the female, neither or both!

The ONLY one not to blame is the child, who ultimately would be the one to suffer should financial assistance not be available for their upbringing.

The Australian birth rate is currently running at approximately 1.8 whereas ideally it should be in excess of 2.1, which raises the question:

What is more socially acceptable...

Australian women (preferably married) having more children? or

Increase the immigration rate with people who will populate Australia?

For those genuinely concerned with Australia's economy, may I suggest you contemplate Australia's Unemployment or Tax Reform and leave Australia's Single Mums to raise their children without the added burden of moral denigration.