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The State of Queensland Flag


The State flag dates from the time when Queensland was a self-governing British colony with its own navy.

In 1865, the Governor of Queensland was told by the Admiralty in London that the colony's vessels of war should fly the Blue Ensign, imposed with the colony's badge, on the stern, and a blue pennant at the masthead. Other vessels in the colony's services were to fly the same flag, but not the pennant.

At the time, Queensland did not have such a badge but, in due course, the design of a proposed badge was submitted to London.

In 1875, the Governor received from London drawings of the badges of several colonies, which the Admiralty proposed to insert in the Admiralty Flag Book. He was asked to certify that the badge shown for the colony of Queensland was correct.

The badge was composed of a representation of Queen Victoria's head, facing right, on a blue background, encircled be a white band, with the word Queensland in the top.

The Queensland Government thought it would be too difficult to adequately reproduce the head of the Queen on a flag so an alternative design, of a Royal Crown superimposed on a Maltese cross, was submitted to London.

In 1876, the Governor was advised that the Admiralty had "approved of the device enclosed in your dispatch ... as the future badge of the colony for insertion in ... the Blue Ensign for use by government vessels".




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