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The Multilateral Agreement on Investment


The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI), will LEGALISE and dramatically increase the capabilities of multinational companies to place every Australian small business under the real threat of closure or take-over, but in most cases, bankruptcy will be the result.

Australia's small businesses ARE the backbone of our economy and one of the few remaining reliable sources of tax revenue, due to the multinational companies paying little or no Australian taxes under the International Tax Agreements Act 1953.  

As Australia's tax base is increasingly dependent on small business, one could be forgiven for asking 'Why doesn't the government protect Australia's small businesses instead of being hell bent on sending them down the gurgler'. 

Good question... if you are unaware of the ramifications of the MAI.

The consequence of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment by the continued non-payment of tax by multinationals, the reduced tax revenue from small business as a result of corporate take-over or decimation, to the reduction in the number of 'pay-as-you-earn' or PAYE taxpayers through unemployment, it is conceivable that Australia's entire current tax base, is threatened with total collapse.

The only solution, in the best interest of all Australia companies and businesses, and all Australians, is the rejection in its entirety of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, the abolition of the International Tax Agreement Act 1953, and the implementation of:

ONE - just, fair, non-discriminatory and EQUAL taxation system for ALL.

For further information on taxation see - Tax Reform

The following are true and unfortunately only an example of many such incidents occurring on a daily basis.

 In Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, the Douglas Shire Council has opposed a project by a multinational supermarket company to build a complex, which duplicates local businesses, including a service station.

  In Cairns, Far North Queensland, the Cairns City Council has also opposed a multinational supermarket company wishing to extend its operation to include a service station.

  In rural Victoria, a multinational supermarket company built an outlet for not only the normal domestic commodities but also included a pharmacy and a service station. (Imagine the effect on the local community, pharmacy and service station)

Under the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, Local, State and Federal governments would be acting ILLEGALLY if they opposed such applications, even for the purposes of protecting Australian companies or businesses. The multinationals would be able to sue any Australian government or entity under clauses laid down in the MAI.

The most concerning factor of the MAI, is that not only is it NOT in the best interest of Australia, but also the major political parties have IGNORED all concerns raised, apparently in their bi-partisan determination to go along with the International Monetary Fund.

Let there be NO misunderstanding, there is not one industry; agricultural, fishing, grazing, mining, primary or secondary, tourism, any national resources etc, even the pharmacist, service station operator, butcher, baker and candle stick maker, will be ELIMINATED as a viable Australian Owned supplier under the Multilateral Agreement on Investment.

Australians will resent being taken for granted by the political parties, with their attitude of non-accountability and non-representative approach to the Australian People.

Australia must not be part of any agreement that grants multinational corporations the same status as democratically elected governments and favours the rights of the multinational corporations above those of the Australian People.

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment currently being negotiated by the Australian government and the other 28 countries that form the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development does just that.


   The Multinational Agreement on Investment - DRAFT TEXT


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 The following is only a selection of recommended available material:

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The MAI - A Step Backwards in International Human Rights

The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) - Canada

There are literally thousands of documents on the MAI, which can be located by:


    1. selecting a search engine of your choice,
    2. enter, "Multilateral Agreement on Investment",
    3. then search.

As you will find, Australians are not alone, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment is sounding alarm bells around the world. This is a blatant attempt by multinational companies to manipulate democratically elected governments so as to become entrenched and secure in the anticipated Globalisation of International Economies.

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Is The MAI - DEAD?


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870