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As ones friends and relations all die from this enigmatic disease... CANCER, it does seem we may be wiped out as a sub-species. What does strike you, after a century of research and billions of dollars spent on research, the problem gets worse by the month! Then there is this phenomenon of the world’s most powerful people never suffering as we mere mortals do, but I have been warned to leave that subject alone!

In 1902 when John Beard announced to the medical world that the TROPHOBLAST cell that was utterly essential for the beginning of life, was also the same cell that destroyed life, his critics said, 'God help us if he is right', to which John Beard replied, 'God help us if I am wrong'.

The 512 diploid totipotent cells that attach themselves to the uterine wall to start the new life were destroyed around the 38th day when an enzyme from the pancreas dispersed the cells into the embryos’ s body and the umbilical cord took over the function of feeding the growing embryo. The cells that dispersed into the gonads of the new child would stay there for the rest of its life, in a benign state, UNLESS something went wrong and they became malignant, then destroyed that life.

Beard published his findings in several articles in 'LANCET', and then in 1911, he published a book on the subject, which started the search for what made the pancreas destroy the malignant growth. Whoever discovered what made these cells stay benign or turn malignant, would have the power to remove this curse from man, or by remaining silent or manipulating that knowledge, have the power to destroy life.

For the next 25 years nothing happened until organised research started in the 30’s and the famous 'rat trials' revealed at least how cancer could be induced into rats. In the western world cancer was not a significant problem in terms of numbers in those times, but there were certain areas in the world where the incidence of cancer was obvious in numerical terms. Investigation of these areas established the connection between the food grown there and a soil deficiency.

Suddenly in the 50’s the incidence of cancer in the western world began to rise. Soon, as if there were some premonition, cancer research centres were financed and set up in the USA and the United Kingdom, and a flow of constant press releases about the latest findings, carrying the hope that a cure was just around the corner, began to be a constant part of our lives. Now 50 years later, after billions of dollars have been spent on research, with the best brains in the world employed to find an answer, we are worse off than we were at the beginning of the century.

In no other field of scientific endeavour have the results been so disastrous for the money spent and the energy expended.

We are told that one in every four Australians will die from cancer, unless heart failure takes them first.

The very latest advice from the medico’s is that it is a genetic fault given to us by our ancestors. If that were correct, then we would not be here to have to listen to such nonsense. 

Now we are told that after oil, cancer is the largest money producing industry in the western world, and if cancer were eliminated from our lives, “western economies could crash”. If that statement is correct, then clearly, cancer is no longer a medical or scientific problem… it is a massive political problem. The mere fact that the problem only exists on this scale in the western world, and not in Asia or anywhere else, is the telltale pointer.

So what can the individual do to escape this fate? Some do not want to talk about it, some believe that it has been prophesised; some say it is inevitable; others say it is God’s will. My opinion is, it is of the devil, and any individual can do something about that. But be warned, those who want to race of to the media about this will get the same treatment as those who have gone before them.

You repair yourself - ‘Physician heal thyself’ - then tell your neighbours. The minimum of effort will bring the maximum benefit. So this is part of what I have picked up over the years.

Back in the thirties they ran a lot of experiments using rats, because of their similarity to our social order and they're like digestive systems. You may have heard the terms ‘rat pack’ and ‘rat race’, these terms all came from the famous experiments with rats when they set them up in a stable territory, then each day diminished the area of the territory slightly, so forcing them closer together. The whole social order broke down bringing the results you see when humans are also forced together.

Another experiment they ran with the rats was to bring startling results. They had colonies of rats, which, they had stabilized on a diet that contained everything known to be eaten by rats. Then in each of the colonies they took out of their food one mineral or substance. For instance when they took out all iodine out of one group’s food, goitre broke out in that group. Each group produced a symptom according to what was taken out of their food.

Now people can readily grasp what happens when something like arsenic is added to their food, but it is extremely difficult for most people to grasp the implication of something essential removed from their diet.

When they took magnesium out of a groups food, the results were rapid and dramatic. Respiratory problems (asthma), heart failure and cancer destroyed the group... the only group to be totally destroyed

The result of this finding was for the medical profession to recommend regular doses of magnesium, mostly as dolomite or epsom salts. As a child I was given a dose of epsom salts once a month, and my mother took a small quantity of epsom salts each morning in her coffee, then lived to 91 without any problems in between.

Prior to the war Australians were amongst the healthiest people in the world, with the lowest medical rejection rate of men entering the army than any country in the world.

This situation was, of course, no help to people trying to build a disease industry, and to grasp the importance of that statement, just imagine if we were to cure cancer and heart disease next week.

There would be massive unemployment as hospitals, x-ray clinics, pathology laboratories, chemists, drug suppliers and all of the numerous support systems had to curtail their output or close down. Thousands of doctors, nurses and others in this industry would be unemployed.

Politicians and bankers are just not going to let that happen, but there is nothing yet to stop the individual from helping himself, if he can free himself from the grip of the propaganda machine.

In the late thirties or early forties a very tall modern glass fronted building was built in Sydney, on the corner of Chalmers & Devonshire Streets. This was a spectacular building, highly visible to thousands of people going and coming to work each day on the electric rail system through Sydney’s central railway station. Across the top of the building, in letters that could be read two miles away, was written DENTAL HOSPITAL.

As I went in and out of this building I was puzzled by the fact that the floor directory indicated only a couple of dentists on one floor. For a building so massive in a position so hard to get to, with so few dentists in it, I remember it was a strange feeling to go there. It was to be five years before the answer landed in my lap.

Some time in the forties, the Sydney City Council announced it was going to fluoridate the city's water supply, to prevent 'tooth decay'. This brought protests from all sorts of interests, one of which caught my attention. One group was pointing out that less than one tenth of one per cent of Sydney’s water was consumed; the rest went down the sewer or bath drain, or on the garden and streets. That was the equivalent of going to the doctor for treatment who prescribed 500 tablets, with instructions to take half a tablet, then throw the rest away! Well nobody would take any notice of the doctor, but they were about to take notice of the council!

The Council mounted a huge publicity program to sell this idea to the public and held meetings all around Sydney. Prominent city figures appeared on platforms extolling the benefits of this compulsory medication, including the Lord Mayor of Sydney and the so-called 'Head' of the Dental Hospital. The press of the day carried all sorts of comment, one interesting point being that if dental decay could be arrested this way, why not put other beneficial substances in the water to solve other medical problems? But no, one thing at a time, '… we will do that later'!

Around this time a friend of mine, a chemical engineer, went to Tasmania on a job. When he came back three months later I asked what he had been doing down there? Nothing much, just building and organising tanker facilities to bring 'sodium fluoride' from Bell Bay to Sydney!

Bell Bay was where the aluminium smelter was located, and a catalyst used in electrolysis of alumina was a substance called cryolite, which, on the completion of a smelt, left the manufacturer with a residue of highly poisonous sodium fluoride. This waste product was previously a problem for the smelter owners to dispose of until the council came along, for the method of disposal before was to disperse it at sea.

Now, a City water supply was a highly efficient and very cheap method of dispersing of this deadly poison. Later it was to be dispersed over large tracts of Australia, as the rabbit poison 1080. As my curiosity bordering on suspicion surfaced, I went to a meeting at North Sydney, where one or more of these experts were selling the idea.

There was no television in those days and it was a lot harder to sell these sorts of ideas.

As we approached the hall there were groups of people handing out pamphlets and one of these pamphlets quoted material from a CSIRO booklet titled, ‘Fluorosis in Sheep’, which some years later I obtained. The pamphlet contained information about the deleterious effects of fluorine on sheep’s teeth and bones.

The CSIRO had investigated this problem in the thirties where in certain areas sheep were dying. The answer turned out to be loss of teeth and fluorosis of their bones, causing porosis leading the breakage of limbs. The sheep ingested large quantities of fluorine from the rock salt they were fed. In those days rock salt was a cheap lick given to livestock, coming to Australia as ballast on sailing ships from South America to pick up our wheat.

Sometime after this I went to a factory in Sydney to pick up a pump. A friend of mine was the manager of this factory, which made water treatment plants. It was at night and nobody else was there so he showed me some of the equipment they made. The biggest piece of equipment was what they called a 'Fresh Water Plant', which was now being bought by bread manufacturers, who had to get the deadly 'sodium fluoride' out of the water they used in bread making, as it killed the yeast bacteria.

When we got to rows of small units on a bench he explained they were small domestic units for taking 'sodium fluoride' out of house water that we drink. My next question was of course, who would want to take it out of their water?

The answer was to change the way I thought for the rest of my life. We went to the office where he showed me a long list of people who had bought these units to remove the fluorine from their water. There they were, the Head of the Dental Hospital, the Lord Mayor of Sydney and all the luminaries currently persuading others to have it in their water, but these advocates were not going to have it in their water!

My mind went back to the Dental Hospital, which instead of being a ‘Hospital’, was of course a big silent sign conditioning its daily viewers to the belief they had a mass dental problem. Then I realised we had been pre-conditioned for this additive in tooth paste, with the introduction of a substance called chlorophyll, a natural green substance that had been putting in some tooth pastes, to give you a pleasant breath. I will come back to this fluorine problem later, where you will recognize the devastation it caused in the New England, but in the meantime start thinking about what fluoridated tooth paste can do to your teeth, particularly if you clean your teeth three times a day.

On discovering we were being deceived on a grand scale, my reaction was, ‘why are we being deceived‘? The answer was to open another 'Pandora’s Box', for the method being used to remove the fluorine from the water was to pass the water through magnesium oxide, or better still, a magnesium substance called magnesite.

This process locks up both the fluorine and the magnesium, which meant Sydney’s water was being deprived of at least its magnesium content. Was that important? Well if you watered your vegetable garden with it, your vegetables would miss out on any magnesium in the water, and the fluorine may still lock up the available magnesium in the soil.

As it turns out Sydney’s water is rich in magnesium, as a lot of the catchment area is magnesium rich sandstone country, which gives up its magnesium so easily. Around Australia there are towns that fluoridate their water for what seems no reason, but nearly always it is because of the high magnesium content.

Dalby, in Queensland, is such a place, where its underground water supply is rich in magnesium salts, which left in the water would point to a community with a low incidence of cancer and heart problems.

Because the famous 'rat experiment' never left my mind, I almost habitually looked at anything to do with food and magnesium at any opportunity.

A veterinarian to whom I had been talking to about this problem told me about a book called ‘MAGNESIUM - THE MIRACLE MINERAL’, which I obtained. This book turned out to have been written by a person who had been involved with the original 'rat experiments' and pursued this magnesium phenomenon. If you ever see a copy of this book, get hold of it at any price. There is a lot in it about what foods contain magnesium.

The rich sources are milk and red meats; it always comes on the fatty side of foods. As we eat more chicken, less fat and red meat, so will our magnesium deficiency rise with the death rate. Notice how we have been shifted from butter to margarine, from beef and mutton to chicken. Before the war, weevils were kept out of our granaries by the addition of finely ground magnesite, which of course came through with the flour. It was replaced after the war with a deadly poison.

Some scientists from a famous English animal health firm were carrying out experiments on a large western NSW sheep station where I was working and where we shared accommodation in the shearers' quarters.

They were examining the incidence of fly strike in sheep. This property was roughly half black soil and half red soil, and they discovered that the incidence of fly strike on one soil was five times greater than on the other. Not only that, but the internal parasite count was much less on the lower fly strike soil, and the reason they gave for both low incidences was the soil had a much higher magnesium content than the other soil type.

They illustrated this with the example of goats, so closely related to sheep, which never have a parasite problem, because they constantly seek and ingest adequate magnesium bearing feed. Pointing out that the cure for so many of our ailments was goat’s milk! 

They indicated though, that their firm was not interested in solving that problem, say with epsom salts, as they could not make money out of that technique. In later years epsom salts was all we used to treat 'barbers pole worms', and I wonder now what other beneficial effects it may have had!

The granite soils of the New England are very low in magnesium, (amongst other minerals) and you may be familiar with the 'bloat' and defoliation of certain tree species in that area. When a well known ecologist came to look at some of our problems, the first thing he pointed out to us was the northern side of the stringy bark trees had all the bark eaten away up to eight feet from the ground.

He told us a magnesium mineral lick would stop the cattle eating the bark, which it did. We placed prepared licks all around a large paddock and the bark eating stopped, but the dramatic effect was not to become obvious for some months. 

Every 6 months we had to bring the cattle in to the yards for the vet to cut cancer growths from the cow’s eyes. This on-going treatment meant treating about 25% of the cows in each mob, each time they were brought in. The cause was stated to be 'sun cancer' of the eyes. When we next brought the cows in from the paddock where the magnesium blocks had been placed, only one cow had eye cancer! The vet was costing big money, so we brought in another mob, and there was our usual 25% with ‘sun cancer'.

When the big super phosphate program got under way in the New England, it bought at least two massive problems in its wake, which officially still has not been solved, nor will they ever be. Island phosphate came to Australia containing 22,000 parts per million of fluorine, which as rock phosphate was not a problem. When treated with sulphuric acid to make the phosphate water-soluble, the fluorine is released.

Sheep and cattle ‘bloat’ is of course fluorine poisoning, and one year the New England 'bloat' problem made national headlines! After a lot of rain one year in the Walcha district, a grazier left a yard of fat cattle in the yard to be picked later in the day to be taken to the sale yards. He figured that if they were in the yard they could not eat the clover and ‘bloat’. When the truck arrived to pick the cattle up, only one was alive, all the rest were dead from ‘bloat’.

The water in the yard, which they had been drinking, was pumped from the creek, where the recent rains had raised the fluorine levels from run off from the paddocks.

Cattle can only tolerate about 6 mg’s of fluorine per kilo of weight. Sheep tolerate about 22 mg’s per kilo, horses 36 mg’s and pigs 60 mg per kilo of weight. Lucerne and clover are highly tolerant of fluorine and take it up as part of their transpiration cycle.

When a cow is poisoned with fluorine the sequence goes like this; the fluorine kills several of the ruminants bacteria, allowing the remaining gas producing bacteria to have a population explosion, which inflates the cows rumen, which in turn stops the diaphragm from working, and so she suffocates. A great example of ‘cause and effect’, which are always removed in space and time!

With the tree de-foliation it is slightly different. The species affected are those that die after seven de-foliations and are the main source of food for the 'scarab beetle' (Xmas beetle), which feeds at night. The scarab beetle is highly tolerant of fluorine, but the mass of micro-flora in the ground are killed by the fluorine, so, with no competition for food in the soil, the scarab also has a population explosion each year, and in their millions de-foliate the trees.

The dumping of fluorine in the super-phosphate on these soils not only caused that devastation, the locking up of the scarce magnesium in those soils, increased the levels of internal parasites to the extent that drenching was required each month. At least two merchants selling drench became millionaires, and the father and son who started it all in the New England… both died from cancer.

While it is easy to see the relation between the lack of magnesium and cancer in animals (and us), it is quite a different matter when it comes to heart problems. Looking at a dead animal with no visible symptoms of death is a mystery every time and a post-mortem does not tell you much about heart problem.

While stress plays an important part in the onset of each disease, it appears a different type of stress effects each.

The best clues with humans and the heart problem are looking at those people who don’t ever get either problem. A survey published in England, found almost zero heart problems in men over 70, who had at least one glass of milk a day. Milk is our richest source of magnesium and as our consumption of milk and milk products has fallen, so has the incidence of heart disease risen.

After the famous trials of the 1920’s, Burts opened the first milk bar on the Manly wharf in Sydney, and soon milk bars were in every town and village in Australia.

The milk bars of the healthy generation have vanished. A press report told of the discovery that 5 cents worth of magnesium chloride was now being used in heart surgery, to replace a drug that had cost hundreds of dollars... how surprising!

There is one sure way to test the connection if you have a heart problem, and that is to take doses of magnesium, which is cheap, harmless and the critical item NOW missing from our western diets.




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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870