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Selwyn Johnston



One person, with the support of the community, can make a difference



My Fellow Far North Queenslanders

The political landscape in Australia is currently undergoing a long overdue change. At last a shift in attitude within the community is becoming apparent, people are questioning what the party politicians are actually doing, who they represent, and are they really worth voting for. 

Traditionally, Australians are not easily stirred into action to change a tried and proven political system such as we have developed over the last 100 years, to encompass true 'representative' democracy. 

Australians are more likely to fight to preserve this system, with its aspects of equality, fairness and justice, due to the separation of political and judicial power. But there must be more accountability by our 'Parliamentary Representatives' to the people who elected them! 

Australia's two-party system has effectively disenfranchised over 40% of Australian voters. 

We must acknowledge that the excessive influence of party discipline has become a major obstacle to the original intention of our Constitution to elect a parliamentary member to represent the 'WILL' of the Electorate. This situation has caused many Australians to lose confidence in our politicians, our institutions and our governments. 

Further, we must recognise that Independent Members of Parliament offer service to their electorate that is unimpeded by the outside influence of the party machine; the advantage of this freedom to the electorate is obvious. An Independent puts the interest of his or her fellow Australians first, by addressing the issues that affect all Australians. 

It must be noted that I have NEVER been a member of any political party, and as such, I am able to represent the expressed majority 'WILL of the PEOPLE' of Queensland without any outside influence. 

Like most Queenslanders, I have ‘had a gutful’ of outrageous fuel prices, relentless tax increases, rising inequality, falling living standards, and, Governments pandering to minority groups at the expense of the majority! 

The party politicians appear to have more regard for, and interest in, salary increases, superannuation pay-outs, numerous lurks, perks and other fringe benefits, rather than your views and concerns on:

Aged Care Facilities

Health, Dental & Mental Services

Community Values



Primary & Secondary Industry Strategic Plan

Employment Creation

Privatisation of Taxpayer-Owned Assets

Energy - Hydrogen Power

REAL Taxation Reform 

Fuel Prices

Water Infrastructure

I believe we have a right to be safe and secure in our homes, parks and streets. We want a society in which everyone receives a fair go in life, regardless of race, religious belief or gender. We want a country that will stand tall in the world, but not at the expense of selling our taxpayer-owned assets and forcing Australia's private enterprise to move offshore. We want a clean, accountable, effective and efficient Government… 

‘Government of the people, by the people, and for the people’

The vast majority of our population shares these values, but they are not reflected in any current Government policy. Our politicians do not respect the wishes of the people who elected them. We have trusted them and they have let us down. 

A major underlying issue that requires urgent attention is EMPLOYMENT CREATION. 

In Queensland, one project alone has the potential to create over 90,000 permanent jobs, stimulate local shire economies, and give a massive boost to small, medium, and large businesses. This project will cost hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars, but is totally returnable, with enormous monetary gains to the public purse. 

I refer to a 'National Water Grid' (Bradfield Scheme), which proposes the harvesting and diversion of annual floodwaters from Northern Queensland onto the inland plains of Central Queensland and south into the Murray-Darling delta. 

You may say, great project, but look at the cost. In fact, over the past 10 years, losses in the rural economy of up to $1,250 million dollars per year have been recorded as a direct result of massive shortages of life-giving water during harsh drought periods. 

This project is potentially on such a scale that it will eclipse the achievements of the Snowy Mountain Scheme, create a clean energy source by way of hydro-electric power harnessed by the rivers system, apply conservation and utilisation of water resources by irrigation of drought effected and water starved areas of Queensland. 

By diverting the annual floodwaters of Northern Australia into the 'scheme', the hardships and burdens placed on 'the man on the land' in terms of stock and crop losses, will be dramatically reduced. 

It will assist in the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and facilitate a totally renewable, and fully sustainable, hydroelectric energy system in Queensland, as well as be of enormous benefit to the whole of Australia… particularly to Australia’s rural economy. 

This is one of a number of projects that could create employment, and a reduction in consumer costs, by the responsible utilisation of Queensland’s natural resources such as water, oil, coal and gas. 

The primary attribute of an credible Independent Candidate is the ability to LISTEN to the views and concerns of the electorate and make decisions based on common sense; moral integrity; for the protection of family values; and to REPRESENT the expressed majority 'WILL of PEOPLE'. 

To achieve this goal, I seek your support and assistance in restoring the dignity of our great Nation and returning integrity into our Federal Parliament. 

I look forward to you contacting me should you require any assistance on issues of concern to you, your family or your local community.




Selwyn Johnston


Community Representatives' Advocate


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870