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Independent Candidates

The results of the Australian Federal Election held on 9 October 2004, again highlighted the inequality and discriminatory nature of current Legislation under which the Australian Electoral Commission must conduct Federal Elections.

Australian men and women of integrity, seeking election as Independents, and whose SOLE aim is to improve the 'quality of life' of their fellow Australians, are treated with contempt by the entrenched two-party system.

The reason?

Because Independents, supported by their fellow Australians, are concerned at the direction in which Australia is being driven by the party politicians, who are, undoubtedly, controlled by the non-elected hierarchy of their chosen 'party machine'.

Australia's two-party preferred, compulsory and preferential voting system, has been manipulated into being the instrument that guarantees the major parties as being the only holders of POWER.

Independents are NOT interested in power. Independents are ONLY interested in PEOPLE.

Independent candidates for the House of Representatives and the Senate, contesting the next Federal election, now have the opportunity to access electoral research material, exchange ideas and, discuss common concerns of their respective electorates.

The Federal candidates have now been joined by a number of State and Local government Independent candidates.

Credible Independents, when elected, will have the added advantage of collectively 'representing the expressed majority will' of their electorates on issues of common ground, following a clear indication from fellow Australians, that the political parties have 'little regard' or ‘accountability’ to the Australian people.

There is a clear feeling of distrust and scepticism towards the political party machines.

There is a responsible and viable alternative in voting for an Independent.

The 'party policy line' or bowing to 'party pressure' will NOT be a consideration to the electorate by casting a vote for an Independent.

We are all too aware that the Queensland political party's branch executive comes under pressure from influences emulating from their party's hierarchy based in southern states, hence Queensland tends to be regarded as being backward or a political backwater. Independents will change that.

An Independent has one, and only one, responsibility... to ensure that the expressed majority 'WILL of the PEOPLE' of his or her Electorate, is conveyed to the Government of the day, without fear or favour.

Independents have the prerequisite of total flexibility without the constraints of the party structure.

Independents Parliamentary Representatives have many advantages, being the only sensible alternative to the ageing party system, for the following reasons: 

Credible Independents are representatives of their community NOT the representatives of a political party

Credible Independents are infinitely more responsive and flexible to the will of the people

Credible Independents are more aware and in-tune with the issues affecting the community than candidates representing political parties

Credible Independents are regarded by communities as being the sensible alternative to discredited political parties

Credible Independents are unencumbered by the dictates of the party structure or the directives of the party-machine

So-called disadvantages of an Independent 

The major parties drag out the same tired old denouncing that there are three (3) perceived concerns with electing an Independent, which are: 

  1. Does the Independent candidate have the ability to perform, and, is he or she a genuine Independent?

  2. Is the Independent candidate merely a stooge (or front) for one of the major parties?

  3. What can an Independent do?

Concerns 1) and 2) are easily determined by a close appraisal of the candidate’s background and stated strategies on issues, as would be revealed by pre-election public scrutiny, media releases, and responses to electorate questions. 

The third is the most important... and the most controversial. 

Non-aligned Independent Parliamentary Representatives have exactly the same responsibilities as party politicians, responsibilities that they perform in most instances, more competently than the party politicians. 

Why? Because the community expects a better performance from Independents! 

New South Wales Independent, Ted Mack, prior to retiring from Federal Parliament in 1993 made known his opposition to “fundamentalist economic rationalism; unilateral tariff removal policies; the sale of taxpayer assets; the sale of the Commonwealth Bank; the GST; the nuclear industry and limitations on free speech“.  

New South Wales Independent, Peter Andren, since being elected to the Federal Parliament in 1996 has also made political history by introducing two (2) 'Private Member Bills' to have the Parliamentary Superannuation Scheme drastically reduced. 

Tasmanian Independent Brian Harradine has secured more Federal funding than any other Australian party politician… because he is an Independent! 

The major parties are paranoid over the successes of credible Independents, as it is the Independent parliamentary representatives who are seen by the electorate as being conscientious in their diligence toward the issues that affect them.

Can an Independent work for you… ABSOLUTELY!


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870