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Australia is being directed towards a Health system that will culminate in a bipartite system, whereas those at the lower end of the 'socio-economic' scale, or pensioner and concession card holders, will, in the immediate future, be able to access basic Medicare facilities.

However, those who earn more than $32,500 will be subjected to an ever-increasing 'user-pays' system that will see many families unable to afford a visit to their family doctor.

Taxpayer's money MUST be provided to upgrade our hospitals, and other associated medical facilities, so as ALL Australians, regardless of their financial circumstances, can access Government provided Health services.


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Health Care System

There is no doubt, the entire Health Care system needs reform. The hospital sector alone has serious problems that require immediate attention, i.e. inadequate facilities, lack of equipment etc.

A major community concern regarding Aged Care and Housing, as with the overall Health Care system, is the lack of injection of taxpayer generated funds and the ill-advised funding cuts by successive Federal and State governments.

Minimal resources that are in need of URGENT ATTENTION include:

NEW PUBLIC HOSPITALS... urgent capital infrastructure programs to build additional public hospitals, the urgent upgrade of existing hospitals and associated facilities, MUST be the priority of government spending of taxpayer dollars

HOSPITAL BEDS... without additional hospital beds being returned to a minimium level of 5 beds per 1,000 residents, the public hospital system will collapse! 

NEW AGED CARE FACILITIES... as the well-known issue of Australia's aging population is becoming a reality, urgently needed 'public' Aged Care Residential infrastructures are paramount 

DOCTORS, NURSES and associated health professionals... additional medical professionals MUST be recuited as a matter of urgency for existing and new public hospitals 

WAITING LISTS... immediate reduction of unacceptable waiting lists of years for non-elective and elective surgery, MUST be eliminated. 

HOME CARE... funding for the disabled and senior Australians MUST be increased

Every Australian has a right to access the highest level of Health service, whether government (taxpayer) funded or private, and expect full services to be provided at a minimum or 'no excess' cost.


HOW? See - Tax Reform


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870