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This is part of a 68 page document that the Australian Government has not released.

Précis of Demands from Draft Treaty 88

Recognition of aboriginal ownership of Australia.
The establishment of a separate aboriginal nation of states.
The immediate restoration of all inalienable crown lands, state and national parks, aboriginal reserves and travelling stock routes of Australia.
Negotiation of aboriginal state boundaries.
Recognition of aboriginal sovereignty of all aboriginal lands complete with inalienable title.
Agree to the requirement that 40% of the total land mass of each Australian state be transferred to permanent aboriginal title.
Australians to pay the aboriginal nation compensation for the balance of 60% of Australian land not available to aborigines to compensate for the social, physical and psychological ravages that have been made upon aboriginal people. Compensation rates to equal not less than 7% of GDP for the first ten years, 5% of GDP for the following ten years and 2.5% of GDP in perpetuity
The establishment of a treaty between aborigines and non-aboriginal Australians.
Aborigines to retain sovereignty over all land and islands presently known as Australia.
Aborigines to be given freedom to manage their own internal and external affairs as a separate nation of people.
Aborigines to be given freedom to make Treaties regarding land or sea corridors as would any other independent nation.
The aboriginal state to become a self-governing state involving separate economic, social and cultural development combining traditional religions and practice.
The aboriginal nation to operate an independent legal system subject only to international law.
All State governments will be required to return appropriate land unencumbered to the aboriginal state.
Aboriginal states will impose entry restrictions in classified areas or those areas adjacent to nominated aboriginal sacred sites.
The aboriginal nation will require the release of all aboriginal people from prisons and institutions plus the return to the aboriginal state of all aboriginal human remains residing in museums plus all aboriginal artefacts.
Together with the total compensation package, the Australian government will be required to pay a sum direct to the aboriginal nation equal to $1 billion within four weeks of the establishment of a Treaty.
The aboriginal nation will require existing State and Federal Governments to provide permanently all social, political, educational and legal benefits currently enjoyed by other Australians to the aboriginal people. These benefits will also include welfare payments, the provision of pensions and health benefits. These benefits are to be additional to the total compensation package.
The Aboriginal Bureau of Aboriginal State Affairs will be established to take over the existing Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Aboriginal Development Corporation structures.
All towns and cities in the 60% of the land mass ceded by aboriginals to the Federal and State Governments shall, at municipal expense, provide and maintain for aboriginal use special parklands of not less than 20acres in areas with appropriate sea and river frontages. These parklands will be utilised by aborigines as centres for religious activities and camping. They will be available for general public use at other times.
In urban areas where crown land is not available, suitable land is to be returned to aborigines on compensation and needs basis. The aboriginal families will occupy this land, rate free.
Certain urban sections will become new aboriginal domains involving their own aboriginal administration with funding and political control.
All existing aboriginal housing Australia wide shall be transferred complete with deed title by the Australian government to the new aboriginal state as an integral part of the compensation package.
3% of the revenue derived from all mineral and natural resources will be paid to the new aboriginal nation.
Toll gates will be established and erected on all national freeways and highways interconnecting cities and States. One third of 1% of the total annual toll collected will be payable to the new aboriginal nation. Toll rates for consideration will equal $2 per car, $3 per vehicle with towing capacity, and 50 cents per motor bike. These tolls are all subject to variations in consumer price index.

The Department of Aboriginal Affairs is fully aware of the entire contents of this document, which has been widely circulated throughout aboriginal communities in Australia, however, the majority of Australian people have not been advised of its existence or its potential ramifications, let alone the effects under the Native Title Act - 1993.

The announcement by the Prime Minister that he was committed to a 'Treaty' has added credibility to the Draft Treaty 88.


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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870