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Selwyn Johnston



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Committee for Oncology Unit Cairns Hospital

Couch Aims:

Improve the health and wellbeing of people in the Far North Queensland community that may suffer the disease of cancer; 

Improve the cancer treatment technology available in the Far North Queensland region; 

Establish a fully functional radiation oncology unit at Cairns Hospital; 

Provide education to carers, service providers including healthcare workers, hospitals and other organisations to enable them to appropriately support individuals suffering from the disease of cancer; 

Assist where possible in the medical research into causes, prevention and treatment of the disease of cancer; 

Engage in activities to raise community awareness of the disease of cancer; 

Investigate and research the true statistics and costs in the treatment and care of those that suffer the disease of cancer; 

Provide education and support programs to cancer patients and their families; 

Provide financial support to assist cancer patients and carers in necessitous circumstances. 




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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870