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Global Warming aka Climate Change

Perhaps the global warming 'gloom and doomsayers' of the world's elitist politicians - and the acquiescent 'fourth estate' (world media) - should acknowledge the provable level of causation between greenhouse gases and Earth's perpetual 'Climate Cycle'. 

There is little doubt that greenhouse gases have an effect on earth's climate, but if we are to be serious about cleaning up 'Global Warming aka Climate Change' to save the world for future generations, then perhaps we have to be terribly honest with ourselves and not accept without question the 'conventional wisdom' on the causes of so-called climate change. 

We have to recognise that our weather is in an eternal state of change, and has been since the earth was formed. It is also a good idea to have a look at what the really big players throughout the world are doing and, as usual, follow the money trail. 

Of greatest concern are the hype, spin and outright fear campaigns being run by the Western World political 'gloom and doomsayers', with of course the help of the mainstream media. How many times have we seen the smoking chimney tops from factories and power generation plants on TV as the backdrop to a sensational story line on CO2 emissions? CO2 is in fact a colourless and odourless gas, so what is billowing out of the chimney stacks is at least something other than pure CO2. 

This is not to say that we don't have to be cognisant of what we pump into the atmosphere. Many will recall the 60's and 70's when European production caused 'acid rain' through the emission of nitrates, sulphates and other acid forming substances and almost killed off the Black Forest in Germany. These substances combined with water vapour, [the greatest global warming compound over which humans have absolutely no control whatsoever] to form the 'acid rain', a circumstance that has now been practically overcome with industry co-operation. 

So it is logical to reduce pollutants of all descriptions from entering the atmosphere, but that's not what the argument is all about. Today we have singled out CO2 as the one and only threat and are in the process of putting all our money on this one bet which, quite frankly, is an "outsider", and the costs are enormous. There are other theories that have to be considered and particularly since for the last decade the earth has actually been cooling while CO2 has been increasing! 

A factor that has to be considered is the effect that the sun has on our solar system, including earth. 

There was a time when weather forecasting was substantially done through the observation of 'sun spots' which are the nuclear explosions that regularly occur on the face of the sun and affect the radiation coming to the earth, particular our magnetic field. It has been shown that the sun does have an activity cycle of about eleven (11) years and for the last couple of years has been quiescent with practically no activity. So much so that a single solar flare was something of an event a few months ago. It is reported that the other planets are going through a similar climatic change process to that on earth. But mainstream research in this regard is seldom reported. 

Another possibility is that the sun itself has its own binary mate and the orbit of this companion star has a significant effect on the activity of the sun. While the theory has been around for years, it is only in more recent times that the theory can be given some credibility with advances in research methodologies. 

So there are obviously matters that have to be investigated before inept Government Ministers can say with any authority at all that ' all the science is settled'. If they can make the statement about their science then clearly they simply have none. At this point in time, they should be like the sun and be quiet about their science as the "Climategate" affair concerning the scientific research methods of the East Anglia University's Climate Research Unit, a key advisor the U.N. has recently come in for some very bad publicity. Suggestions of cooking the books and 'losing' data are anything but rare and more often that not would appear to be very well-founded. 

So why has the world as one arisen, initially about 'Global Warming', now renamed 'Climate Change', which has, after all, been going on since the earth was formed. How is it that acknowledged cyclical patterns are being ignored and one single element of our atmosphere, and its consequences, are being converted into a pseudo-science religion? There seems to be no such driving concern for the plight of the masses of poor and disadvantaged people around the world, no great uprising over international criminal activity; wars of questionable legality; or of repugnant human torture. 

So, why CO2, and how does CO2 stand out so far and is such a problem? 

For the resolution of this we have to return to the opening remarks of this article and consider the 'money trail'
(see LINKS below

CO2 has the singular advantage of being capable of being made another trade-able commodity. As such it has the potential to be as lucrative a commodity as anything else where a monopoly market can be established. Not only can an initial price be established, but derivatives that are only limited by the imagination can be created, and quickly we can work out that the carbon market is ripe for exploitation.

Where there is this type of potential for massive profit-taking on a grand scale there is no need to guess where the world pressure is coming from to demonise the gas. It would also have to be completely understood that our politicians, who we elect to represent us, would freely sell us down the drain as they have done for years to ingratiate themselves with the people who have the power to make life difficult for them. 

There is little question that Wall Street will be the major player in the carbon trading scheme (scam) and some of the estimates being made are frightening. 

One analysis claims, and quite credibly, that one firm alone presently trading on Wall St could make as much as $8 billion per year from trading, with a commission rate of just 0.25%, within a few years of a fully applied system being in operation. Other estimates put the figure at between $100 million and $500 million in the first couple of years rising to $5 billion to $7 billion a year by 2020. 

If, as is happening, this trading can be enforced by legally binding treaties then the profit-creaming can go on forever, but as you would expect the culpable politicians will have moved on however, as a nation and as a people we will remain 'captive clients'. 

Who will pay these exorbitant fees and charges on top of the traded price? 

Well, sadly, you and me. It will be just another wealth transfer, and the sad thing is that it could well have no effect on Climate Change, or CO2 reduction whatsoever. 

Think about it, after all, it's you and I plus our grandchildren's grandchildren, who will lose!! 



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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870