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Reading Julie Lightfoot's article in today's (12/10/07) Cairns Post it appears that the State Government has it's own version of the Federal Government's BioSecurity Australia in the form of it's own Building Services Authority. 

Whereas BioSecurity Australia has the apparent right and duty to interfere with and generally ruin simultaneously the lives and livelihoods of thousands of Australians horse owners, our own Queensland Building Services Authority seems to be prefer to work insidiously in the background slowly destroying one family after another. 

It is only when an enterprising journalist brings matters to the notice of the people that they get an idea of what is happening and then start realising that this is not an isolated event. 

Charlie Martin, the fencer in question has worked as a fencer in the Cooktown area for 30 years and that in itself attests to the communities satisfaction with his work. Another fencer working in the area said it only took him about six (6) months to get his accreditation even though he also had a long history in the area. He just must have got lucky. 

The question that naturally arises is to what qualifications the Queensland Building Authority has to assess Mr. Martin, or for that matter anyone else. The same question could well be put to TAFE, how many of their instructors are experienced in fencing on the Cape. The great probability is that the answer is none, in fact if they had to fence anything on the Cape except the Cooktown Pub, they would more likely than not be lost forever, let alone construct a straight, or for that matter any fence. 

A Building Services Authority spokesman is quoted as saying that Mr. Martin's years of experience would be recognised when he was assessed. Now that's right kindly of the Authority. They are also quoted as saying that Mr. Martin has the paperwork and that the ball is now in his court. That's about as disinterested as a Government, and a bureaucrat, can get. 

But the solution to this is quite simple. Mr. Martin is good at fencing; the Building Authority spokesman is good at paperwork; so why doesn't the spokesman for the Building authority get of his backside, get up to Cooktown, complete the paper work for Mr. Martin, issue him with the necessary authority [since there can be no plausible assessment] and sneak back to his office. 

This would have several benefits. Firstly, Mr. Martin could get back to work and re-hire his staff whose families are now apparently living on fresh air. Secondly, while in Cooktown the Building Services spokesman could assess his Authorities credibility in Cooktown and compare that result against Mr. Martins. And finally, it would be a day that the Authority did something constructive to assist small business in Queensland rather than being the expensive obstruction that they seem to specialise in. 

The Authorities credibility goes to that of the Government and if our new Premier is to run the dynamic administration she claims… then it's time for her to make a start.

Bureaucracy, the rule of no-one, has become the modern form of despotism.




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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870