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Selwyn Johnston



One person, with the support of the community, can make a difference





Our parliamentary representatives must respond to community demands to rebuild and support Australian Manufacturing Industry, which will secure and provide employment for Australians.

The doctrinaires of trade and industry policies pursued by successive Coalition and Labor Governments for decades continue to destroy Australian industries, causing dangerously high levels of unemployment.

In particular, youth unemployment, resulting in family disintegration, major crime, drug abuse and suicide has already reached unacceptable proportions.

Elected representatives must change the disastrous course in which Australia is now heading.

The issues that need to be addressed to achieve this includes:

AUSTRALIA must have an INDUSTRY POLICY to re-establish Australia's manufacturing industries. Without this, there will be no jobs for our children and no end to foreign debt.

THE FUTURE for Australia lies in decent wages and a decent standard of living. To achieve these ends we need high levels of education, skills and training.

RECOGNISE that there is a legitimate place for tariffs and quotas and also recognise there are many other factors such as government purchasing policy, which must include... 'BUY AUSTRALIAN'.

REQUIREMENT for government purchasing must be through-life cost instead of capital cost. If bureaucrats making purchasing decisions had to justify in writing why they did not buy the local product, if available, it would lead to greater local purchases. It could also provide feed back on problems with local products that could then be addressed. Taxation benefits should be a major consideration for local purchasing, at both levels of (State/Federal) Government and local Authorities (Regional Councils).

THE 'LEVEL PLAYING FIELD' is flat earth policy associated with the failed doctrine of 'Regional Economics'. International trade is best achieved through bilateral agreements. All trade agreements must place Australia's interests as paramount.

LEGISLATION such as the unfair dismissal laws should be scrapped and all bureaucratic and political impedient to industry removed.


SUPPORT a minimum wage, which would not countenance the introduction of American style labour market deregulation.

ABOLISH the National Competition Policy (NCP) legislation!



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Written and Authorised by Selwyn Johnston, Cairns FNQ 4870