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"It is not possible to legislate as a flag a design that has no significance and no tradition attached to it. 

To get a flag accepted, you have to have blood on it; you have to have waved it fighting somebody"!



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Australia's National Flag

The Australian National Flag is a symbol from whence we have come. 

The Union Jack represents:


     The Cross of St George for England

     The Cross of St Andrew for Scotland

     The Cross of St Patrick for Ireland

These represent our early settlers, then of course there is the Southern Cross representing OUR place on Earth, and finally, the seven point Star of Federation, it is OUR history book, and nobody can change OUR history.

The Australian Blue Ensign is charged with five stars that form the Southern Cross and a sixth to represent the Commonwealth of Australia.

The design was chosen by a competition held in 1901, which attracted 32,823 entries. 

The six points of the Star of the Commonwealth represent the six States, and the seventh represents the Northern Territory and the six external territories of Australia.

Our Flag Poem say's it all. But if you have any doubts ask a mother, father, sister or brother, daughter, son or mate of an Australian Soldier who paid the supreme sacrifice for his or her FLAG and COUNTRY.



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The crux is the most distinctive constellation of the Southern Hemisphere. It is visible in the night skies from south of approximately 30ºN latitude.

Of the main four stars the largest is the bottom one, the double star acrux, and the brightest is the star on the left, the Alpha crucis. This bright constellation was used as a navigational aid by the islanders in Oceania and by the European discoverers. 

It became a popular emblem among the settlers, and since the 19th century has been displayed on many flags in the Southern Hemisphere.


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Our Flag

Author: Unknown

  Our Flag wears the stars that blaze at night,
In our Southern skies of blue,
And a little old flag in the corner,
That’s part of our heritage too.

It’s for the English, the Scots and the Irish,
Who were sent to the ends of the earth,
The rogues and schemers, the doers and dreamers,
Who gave modern Australia its birth.

And you, who are shouting to change it,
You don’t seem to understand,
It’s the flag of our laws and our language,
Not the flag of a faraway land.

Though there are plenty of people who'll tell you,
How when Europe was plunged into night,
That little old flag in the corner,
Was their symbol of freedom and light.

It doesn’t mean we owe allegiance,
To a forgotten imperial dream,
We’ve the stars to show where we’re going,
And the old flag to show where we’ve been.

It’s only an old piece of bunting,
It’s only an old piece of rag,
But there are thousands who’ve died for its honour,
And shed of their blood for OUR FLAG.


download.gif (28196 bytes)   Our Flag


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The Australian Flag Poem

Author: Don Pinwill

I'm the fabric of freedom
That waves overhead
I'm woven with crosses and liberty's threads

I'm knitted with knowledge
From values held true
And fashioned with stars on a cloth Royal blue

I'm a Flag for the future
Though I come from the past
So unfurl me, and fly me, high on the mast


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National Flag Day 

3 September

Every sovereign nation on earth flies its own National Flag… the symbol of the country, of the people, of the ideals and beliefs that those people live by and proclaim. 

In 1996, the then Governor General, Sir William Deane, officially proclaimed 3 September as 'Australia's National Flag Day' , an annual celebration of the birthday of the Australian National Flag. 

Australia's Flag was officially raised for the first time on 3 September 1901 in the presence of Australia's first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, at the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne. The design, produced from a world first public design competition, came from the people. 

The competition attracted 32, 832 entries from Australia and overseas and five individuals shared the honour of submitting the winning design. Apart from a few minor differences in the magnitude and number of points on the stars these people had designed what we know as the Australian National Flag. 

As Australia's chief national symbol by law, custom and tradition, our Flag links us together by:

Linking past generations of Australians to the present through important heritage such as our ANZAC Tradition. 

Symbolically, it represents the linking of Australia's states and territories into one unified Federated nation. It also represents our position as a leading nation in the Southern Hemisphere. The Australian National Flag is also the only National Flag that flies, or has ever flown... over an entire continent. 

Our Flag stands for the values and ideals that link all Australians such as freedom of speech, parliamentary democracy, rule of law, egalitarianism and the courage and sacrifice of our ANZACS.

For the Australian people, the Australian National Flag is profoundly symbolic. It is their chief national symbol and is the icon of Australian freedom as it flies 'aloft and free', representing both the union of Australians as a Independent Nation, and their rights and responsibilities as citizens… allowing personal divergence and self-expression. 

On 3 September, join with you fellow Australians and demonstrate your National pride by hoisting OUR Australian Flag from a flagpole, the limb of a tree or the aerial of your car.




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